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Craftsman Tradition in Austin

Building and Remodeling with Tradition in Mind

raftsman Homes of Austin builds and remodels homes adhering to the tradition of the Arts and Craft Movement as well as to green building norms. Steve Wauson, builder and owner of the company summarizes the company's strategy and process: “We always use top local artisans and craftspeople to complete one project at a time, this way we make each project unique and smart.”

Why Craftsman Homes? "Because we have experience. Because we are competitive. Because we know construction. Because we have worked as a cohesive team for over two decades. Above all, because we build for the structure to last and carry the history of the owner past his or her time. " Steve Wauson.

Craftsman style is Wauson's passion, nevertheless Craftsman Homes of Austin will build any style home, but adhering to the gold standards set by the Craftsman tradition:

  • Uniqueness
  • Strong construction
  • Beauty through simplicity
  • Subtlety and dignity of style
  • Ecological responsibility
  • Comfort

Steve Wauson has over 20 years of experience as a builder of high-end custom homes.

Craftsman Homes of Austin centers its activities in three distinct but related areas:

Icon external link to AIA 23rd Annual AIA Austin Homes Tour

On 2008 one of the 12 featured homes was Buckeye Trail. The AIA Austin Homes Tour is known nationally for showcasing a wide variety of designs and for encouraging quality design for everyone.

New Homes

Craftsman Homes of Austin mainly, but not exclusively focuses in building one new home at a time. All may be summed up by Steve Wauson's caring approach to home building, whom rather than trying to build as many houses as possible concentrates on one at a time. "That's my style — I want to complete a few special projects that I can keep my hands on and concentrate on the details. I plan on doing ten projects in the next ten years." [West Austin News, "Westside Stories"]

Home Upgrades and Remodeling

In addition to building high-end new homes, on spec or commission, Craftsman Homes of Austin also remodels and upgrades existing homes. Craftsman Homes of Austin will consult with you, the architect/designer of your choice to arrive to the best and most cost-effective solution.


Steve Wauson brings an extensive and varied background to the construction industry. He has built houses under sweltering heat, perennial rainy and snow blanched environments. He can drive a nail, as the best, in a construction site. He can also drive his point home when testifying in a courtroom as an expert in issues related to green building and green sitework. To obtain further information, or to consult with Steve Wauson please e-mail or phone. All e-mails and calls will be answered promptly.

Our Featured Craftsman Home

This custom designed home merges California Craftsman with Prairie Craftsman to create a sophisticated architectural blend. The abode offers a majestic 270-degree view of Little Bee Creek Valley, the Texas Hill Country, and a view that includes The University of Texas Tower, complete with sunsets and sunrises... [read more]

National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat

The National Wildlife Federation, NWF, has accepted the Buckeye Trail Home as a "Certified Wildlife Habitat." The NWF has certified over 96,000 habitats nationwide.

Icon external link to HBA Home Builders Association Member

Craftsman Homes of Austin is a member of The Home Builders Association. The Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin is a 57 years old trade association that promotes, protects and educates its members and informs the home buying public... [read more]
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Steps emulate the classic workmanship of Greene and Greene

Stair Railing. With over 2,000 half-lap joints arranged in a plaited basket, or basket weave pattern, the mahogany railings grid remains consistent for 3 floors and 30 sections. Over 700 man/hours were invested into creating this stunningly unique staircase.

Beams appearing to pass through columns and many dimensioned trim steps emulate the classic workmanship of Greene and Greene in California during the early 1900's.